Cozyair A3 Air Humidifier

cozyair a3 air humidifier selling points
Cozyair A3 pollution-free humidifier, innovative humidification technology, allows plutonium molecules to quickly integrate into the air, moist air like rivers and lakes. Humidification process will not produce any PM2.5 pollution, only clean and humid air.
cozyair comparision with dyson

Future design with amazing strength

Cozyair A3 has a round delicate shape, while it has a strong performance. Every hour, AirWater releases up to 1200 grams of moisture into the air, providing healthy humidity to the room at an unprecedented speed. A high-efficiency fan blows through the organic humidification filter with 46,000 honeycomb structures, blending the water molecules into the air and moisturizing the air just like rivers and lakes do.

cozyair a3 design
cozyair a3 led display
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Well-developed AI technology makes A3 outstanding

The AI algorithm analyzes the sensed data in real time and adjusts the air volume independently based on the set target humidity. Such advanced technology brings you a wonderful and constant humidity experience.

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