Cozyair A3 Air Humidifier

Hygienic, effective air humidification, simple handling and a clear design language were the focus of the development of the Cozyair A3. The humidifier emits 1,200 ml per hour and can thus achieve a humidity level of 50 per cent in a 10 sqm room within ten minutes. Sensors ensure that the humidity is kept constant. Filling the unit is extremely easy, as the water is poured into the fully open top.


50% Constant Humidity

Cozyair A3 is very powerful. It can release up to 1200 grams of moisture into the air per hour, providing 360° constant comfortable humidity at an unprecedented speed. This compact device promotes healthy and easy breathing by optimal humidifying the air around you.

Adding water can be such a simple thing

This cool mist humidifier is designed for large rooms

1.4 Gallon tank humidifier long lasts for 12 hours humidification in one refill. 1200 mL/h high moisture output is designed to humidify the air for spaces up to 1000 sq.ft. Perfect multiple humidifier for bedroom, home, large room, office, greenhouse, plant or extented use in kitchen.

Moisten Things Silently

Intelligent humidity display

Cozyair A3 not only has a built-in high-precision temperature and humidity sensor, but also innovatively uses a split-type temperature and humidity meter. It is compact and sensitive, and Bluetooth linkage can easily sense the humidity in any corner of the room. Moreover, it can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

An energy-efficient model will give you the maximum benefits of a humidifier,


Its whisper-quiet operation lets you study, meditate, read, sleep, care for your baby or do any activity with zero noise distractions.

Joanne Shimpock

Allergy Lifesaver!

With all of the air quality concerns from fire, winds, and the pandemic our allergies in,Enter this wonderful vaporizer! After the first two nights we began to not suffer as much dryness. It is really a help, easy to use, and high quality.

Marla houghton

Works great, looks great and stays clean!

This humidifier is awesome! It really doesn’t make any noise at all, and it blows the moisture out in a way where it disperses nicely and does not get the ground or anything around it wet. It’s a sleek design and lasts through the night even on high.

L. Panagis

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